FLORIDA WATER<sup>®</sup> PLASTIC 7.5 OZ / Case of 12FLORIDA WATER<sup>®</sup> SOAP 3.3 OZ / Pack of 12FLORIDA WATER ROOM SPRAY 8 OZ / Case of 12PERU FLORIDA WATER<sup>®</sup> 270 ML / Case of 12FLORIDA WATER<sup>®</sup> 2 OZ / Case of 12


Florida Water® was introduced in New York City more than 200 years ago and has been loved by loyal users ever since, weaving itself into cultures all over the world. As each new generation has discovered Florida Water, its mystique has grown for its effect on the mind, body and soul. Florida Water’s light refreshing scent is energizing and soothing, balancing and grounding. Its unique formula is still manufactured by the original patent owner, and the beautiful hand-drawn label graces every bottle of authentic Florida Water. Discover all the Lanman & Kemp products for the body, bath, hair and home.

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Florida Water History
Un Legado De Amor
  1. 1808

    Florida Water debuts in New York City by renowned perfumer Robert Murray.

  2. 1832

    First edition of Bristol's Almanac is published.

  3. 1835

    Company name changes to Lanman & Co when David Lanman joins the firm.

  4. 1853

    George Kemp joins Lanman & Co.

  5. 1855

    Famed illustrator George du Maurier designs the Florida Water label, inspired by the search for the Fountain of Youth.

  6. 1861

    Company officially becomes Lanman & Kemp, and products become available around the world.

  7. 1862

    First foreign factory opened in Cuba as well as ownership of 12 subsidiaries in Canada, Mexico and South America.

  8. 1865

    Barry's Tricopherous Hair Tonic is reformulated and reintroduced to the market.

  9. 1917

    Lanman & Kemp provides free Florida Water to American troops.

  10. 1921

    Lanman & Kemp's Reuter soap is introduced as America enters the Roaring Twenties.

  11. 1936

    Florida Water is mentioned in the newly-published novel "Gone with the Wind".

  12. 1939

    Lanman & Kemp provides free Florida Water to American troops

  13. 1974

    Lanman & Kemp expands product line, adding new colognes.

  14. 2002

    Lanman & Kemp expands product line, adding new soaps.

  15. 2008

    Florida Water celebrates its 200-year anniversary.

  16. 2018

    Solanges Knowles carries a bottle of Florida Water on the Met Gala Red Carpet.

  17. 2020

    Florida Water hand sanitizer is introduced during Covid-19 pandemic.